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About Optimum Life Labs

Hello, my name is Victor Urbina, I am the CEO and founder of Optimum Llife Labs.
That’s me holding my son in the photo, the beautiful woman next to me is my wife.

My wife and I started the company in 2016 after I had found a pain solution that actually worked.
You see, at the time I was plagued with neck pain, night and day, it was horrible.

Before I found the solution I tried everything from chiropractors and acupuncture to NSAIDs and supplements, but none of them worked.
Until one my wife found some research on an obscure sea mussel that’s only found in one part of the world.
Well, having tried everything else, I decided to give the sea mussel a try and lo and behold, it WORKED!
I added a few more pieces to the sea mussel “blend” and in about 45 days I was completely pain free.

I knew right then and there that we had stumbled onto something.
It was validated when a few months later my mom was in a traffic accident.
As a result of the accident she was having trouble sleeping because of severe leg pain.
She had never shared this with me, but when she did I immediately gave her some of my sea mussel “blend.”

Well, within a few weeks my mom told me she was sleeping all through the night again.
That the sharp pains and cramps that would wake her up and keep her awake in the middle of the night had stopped.
That’s when I knew we had to get this “blend” into the hands of more people.

That was more than 2 years ago, today that sea mussel “blend” that I developed is Xyndolor, one of our top sellers.
Since then we have offered a variety of other products.
We know it’s a big responsibility when someone turns to you for help and trusts you with their health, so we don’t take it lightly.
That’s why we always ask ourselves the following question with every product that we develop ,
“Would I give this to my mom?”

We want to help all of our customers live Life In Full Equilibrium.
So every decision we make is with that goal in mind.

I hope our products help you find optimum health for an optimal life.

God bless,
Victor Urbina
CEO & Founder

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